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The Day My Cats Went Bezerk

One quiet, calm afternoon I was happily wrapping gifts in my bedroom. Paper, scissors and tape were scattered all over the bed and both of my cats nosed around, pawing through the jumbled mess. It was one of those relaxing afternoons with the sun shining, birds chirping and kitties playing.

Then Missy stuck her head in the plastic shopping bag that previously held the gifts. Fearing she’d suffocate, I reached over to remove the bag and at my touch she took off like a shot. She sprang from the bed and raced ‘round the room, bag billowing from her head like a sail. I ran for the door and slammed it shut hoping to stop the mad dash before someone got hurt. Then Fuzzy freaked out. I now had two lunatic cats running wild! (Flashback to Mississippi Squirrel Revival by Ray Stevens)

I tried to grab Missy, but she slipped from my grip and made for the only way out – the second story window!

She busted out the screen with the bag still on her head. Hot on her tail went Fuzzy! Both of them sailed through the air then dropped out of sight. Afraid to see how they’d landed, I cautiously peered from the window. There stood a man and woman staring from the street below with mouths open wide. They yelled, “We were just walking by your house when all of a sudden two cats came flying out the window. One had a bag on its head!”

They said it was the funniest darned thing they’d ever seen. Thankfully the cats survived, but it took me quite a while to coax them back inside. My neighbors said they’d never look at my house the same way again!