Friends jokingly called me “Cabin Mama” because I used to live in a little old cabin before it burned in a Colorado wildfire. My real name is Laura (Benjamin) Lollar. I love to write!

Laura Lollar Cabin Mama

I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. I wrote the “Flockette Gazettes” in high school and published them on the mimeograph machine when the nuns weren’t watching.

Living in a log cabin was always my dream. As kids, we spent our summers at Camp Pinehurst, the cabin grandpa built in the woods of Upstate New York near Canandaigua Lake. We loved running through the trees on our stick ponies, going on snipe hunts, picking wild strawberries and roasting marshmallows in the fireplace at the end of the great room. Three generations of family had clam bakes, deer hunts, reunions, poker games, work parties and other gatherings there.

Here’s the camp Grandpa built…

Camp Pinehurst Bristol Hills NY

After going through one of those “life changing events”, I moved my kids from Upstate NY to Colorado and raised them in a townhouse. Then the dream came true. A little log cabin came up for sale in the woods nearby and thankfully, I could afford it. We had great fun at that cabin. It was only 950 sq. ft., but it was a constant vacation to live there.

Until the fire. Here’s a picture I took of our cabin before we evacuated. You can see the billowing smoke clouds hanging over the roof between the trees.

Black Forest Wildfire (2013) in Colorado

On June 11, 2013 and for nine days after, Colorado’s most destructive wildfire burned over 14,000 acres and 507 homes, including mine. Two people died. It was a devastating experience, but we have recovered and rebuilt on the same site. You can read our story at WildfireSurvivors.com.

It took a while to get back in the saddle, so to speak, before I felt like I could write anything funny again. But here we are! I hope you enjoy my stories.

Cabin Mama Stories by Colorado Author Laura BenjaminWildfires of Change by Colorado Author Laura Benjamin


I grew up in a very happy home and am blessed with a wonderful family, all of whom now live in Colorado too. I joined the Air Force right after high school. What a ride that was! There’s nothing like joining the military to grow you up fast. After seven years active duty, I rejoined the civilian world and had three great children, two boys and a daughter. Both my sons served in the Air Force. One son and his wife have given me two beautiful grandchildren.

JOBS: I was a paralegal in the Air Force. I’ve been a phone rep, a sales and service team manager, a professional speaker, trainer, consultant and coach. I’ve tweeted for the Mayor of Colorado Springs and I’ve mucked out horse stalls on a 400-head trotter farm. With every job, I learned something important. No job was ever a waste of time. And I’ve been self-employed since 1997.

Life has been a blessing, but it hasn’t always been easy. I’ve been divorced, broke, struggled to help my kids through trying times, lost a job due to illness and then lost our home to the wildfire. But I have what’s most precious – faith, family, friends, work I love and my wonderful husband. Through it all, God has been good to us.

I hope you too have survived struggles and are on the brighter side of life. Thank you for becoming a new friend and I hope you’ll share comments or send me a note to say hello.

Warmest regards, Laura Lollar (Cabin Mama)