Laura Benjamin is a Colorado writer and author known for her humorous and down-to-earth perspectives on life and the outdoors. She writes 7500 ft. above sea level in Colorado.

Wildfires of Change by Colorado Author Laura Benjamin

Wildfires of Change: How to Rebound and Rise From the Ashes will be Laura’s second book. In it, she shares the story of losing her home in Colorado’s Black Forest Wildfire. Then she uses the fire as an analogy to explore how we all rise from the ashes from our own personal “wildfires”. (Pinehurst Press, 2017)

Cabin Mama Stories by Colorado Author Laura Benjamin

Cabin Mama Stories: Tales From a Woodsy Woman is a compilation of humorous stories about experiences and adventures in cabins, from upstate New York to the Colorado mountains. (Pinehurst Press, 2017)