Facebook Brought Us Together

The most wonderful things came as a result of the wildfire. (Can you believe it’s now two years since the fire?) There are many stories and surprises I could share with you, but here’s one that was such a coincidence and a blessing.

After the fire, a business colleague was following posts on my Facebook page. He was also friends with a woman who used to live in Black Forest, but had moved to Maine many years earlier.

He must have told her about me losing the cabin and perhaps forwarded one of my pictures or stories to her. Turns out, she used to live in my cabin years earlier!

Would you believe it? There’s TWO Cabin Mamas!

This lovely lady, nick-named “Lady Di” by her friends, emailed me and told me all about the improvements she and her father made to the cabin over the years. She also subscribed to my blog and sent me this picture taken of her outside the cabin.

Lady Di at Cabin

How cool is that?

But it gets better.

During the year we were having our new home built, I received a package from her and a note. She explained that when she was getting ready to move from the Black Forest to Maine, one of her friends took the street number plaque down from above the garage and said she should pack it. Lady Di told her she’d never be able to use it again. It wasn’t likely she’d ever live at a house with those same street numbers.

But her friend said, “Take it anyway. You just never know when you might find a use for it.”

So, inside the package was the street number sign made of ceramic tiles that used to hang over the top of our garage door!

Street Sign

(street numbers smudged out)

I was so touched she would do something so very kind. Who knew when that cabin was burning that I’d soon be connected with and blessed by the former owner? You just never know when serendipity will impact your life. And it’s usually the small things, the thoughtful things, that mean the most!

Lady Di Pic

Lady Di – the other Cabin Mama!